FANGLIAO MARKET—The gathering place for Fangliao's local specialties

Fangliao is home to a plenty of treasures, from the sea to the mountains, validating its reputation as a land of abundant fisheries and fruits. Located in the lobby of Fangliao Railway Station, the "Fangliao Market" gathers delicately selected local products from Pingtung curated by Fangliao Hotel. Through various small agricultural brands, these local agricultural and fishery specialties are processed and sold, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking souvenirs.


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Fangliao Market Mango Crisp



The freshly harvested Irwin mangos from Fang-Shan. Insist on harvesting mangos with a ripeness level of eight or nine, as their flavor is superior to mangos picked at six or seven and ripened artificially. 


We directly peel and slice the mangos, utilizing a unique vacuum drying process to preserve the most 

complete nutritional content and aroma of the mangos.


The aroma of mango wafts out while you open the bag. This unique crisp texture becomes the bestseller.



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Fangliao Market Dried Wax Apple


Selecting fresh and high-quality wax apples from the local Pingtung region. 


Special low-temperature baking method, adhering to the spirit of no additives, no artificial dyes, preservative-free, and sugar-free.


Preserving the most original flavor, the fragrance that emanates from each bite just like savoring fresh fruits.



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Fangliao Market Dried Dragon Fruit


Dragon fruit are peeled and sliced directly after harvesting. 

Using low baking, preserving the vibrant purple-red color of dragon fruit, it also retains the original flavor. 

No artificial dyes, preservative-free, having dried fruit just like enjoying the fresh one.



Fangliao Grouper

The aquaculture of grouper in Fangliao has a history spanning several decades. 

Dedicated to the research of technology, successfully became the world's first pioneer in developing artificial grouper fry technology. Therefore, Fangliao is known as the hometown of grouper.


Fangliao Grouper, the fish meat is delicate, firm and sweet, the fish skin is chewy and has a satisfying texture, rich in collagen, it is a precious and delicious fish species.

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Fangliao Fourfinger Threadfin


Fourfinger Threadfin is known for tender texture, fish bones are thin and sparse, and rich in fish oil. It's also suitable for Salted-Aging, enhancing different flavors through marination, and this is the most common method to enjoy the Fourfinger Threadfin.

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